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BABY N ME Fairy Tale Cradle - Rental - Sila Hubungi admin@babynme.com.my utk harga pakej

Tempah tarikh majlis anda sekarang! Untuk harga pakej promosi, sila hubungi admin@babynme.com.my atau call 016-3855189.

i. Pakej Bella

1.Sewa Buaian
2. Hiasan Buaian
3. Tilam, Bantal dan Bantal Peluk
4. 2 Hiasan Bunga (kecil) (tidak Termasuk Bakul Putih)
5. Hiasan Bear

ii. Pakej Cinderella


iii.Pakej Baby N Me Fairies Garden



                                                                                                             B. BUAI SLEEPING BEAUTY











Gambar - Coming Soon


1. Warna tema yang sediada ialah Baby Purple, Baby Pink, White, Butter Yellow, Orange , & Baby Blue Theme. Sekiranya anda inginkan warna tema selain daripada yang tertaera diatas, kos penyewaaan adalah berlainan. Kami akan memberikan sebutharga untuk tema anda.
2. Anda juga boleh mencadangkan konsep pilihan anda dan  sebutharga akan diberikan berdasarkan konsep yang anda minta.

Ala Carte Aksesori Tambahan
Karpet – RM60
Bunga hiasan Sederhana + Pasu – RM100/set
Bunga hiasan Besar + Pasu – RM150/set
Bekas Pumpkin – RM25
Teddy bear – RM30.00
Alatan Cukur Jambul – RM70 
Sportlight – RM70/set
Kaki Lilin berdiri - RM250
Baju gown (girl @pink/putih) + cekak comel – RM35.00
Goody beg (Bunga telur//cupcake)

*Kami bersedia menerima  tempahan mengikut tema dan  bajet anda. Jika anda perlukan perkhidmatan  selain di atas seperti catering/ jurugambar/makeup artis/penyediaan custom made goody beg/bunga telur /custom made chocolate wraping , ballon dan lain-lain lagi, sila beritahu kami. Kami sedia berbincang untuk memberikan perkhidmatan dan harga yang berpatutan.

Sekitar 20 km pertama – Percuma
Lain-lain kawasan/daerah/negeri – bergantung kepada jarak perjalanan (sekali caj sahaja)

 Sila hubungi/SMS/WHATSAPP/VIBER 016-3855189 atau email admin@babynme.com.my untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan.

Price: RM0.00
Beaba -Thermoquick Scan Thermometer
  • Instant, contact-free body temperature measurement (in less than 1 second)
  • Entering set point on the basis of the child's body temperature
  • Taking the temperature of food, feeding bottles, bath water, bedroom etc
  • If the set temperature is exceeded an audible alarm is emitted (selecting this temperature)
  • Back-lit LCD digital screen
  • Memories the last 30 readings
  • Reading in Celsius or Fehrenheit
  • Automatic shutdown (energy-saving)
List Price: RM358.00
Price: RM299.00
95.85 USD

Lamaze Hyppo
Bright and colorful patterns stimulate babys vision.
A soft Lamaze friend for baby to grow with! High-quality velour fabric.

Recommended Age : Birth & Up

Sesuai untuk dijadikan teman si comel tersayang!
List Price: RM36.40
Price: RM29.90
9.59 USD
LAMAZE Play Toy Princess Sophie
 Royalty never looked (or felt) so good! Princess Sophie holds her jewels (clacking beads) in her hands for baby to play with and her skirt crinkles to keep baby's interest. Her bold colors and contrast prints help with visual stimulation and development.

High-contrast patterns stimulate vision. Crinkle for auditory development. Perfect for baby's first doll!
List Price: RM39.90
Price: RM29.90
9.59 USD

Melilea Organic Soya Drink
Melilea Organic Soya Drink

Good health and great taste the Organic Way... 


Melilea Organic Soya Drink
 uses only the best organic soya beans grown exclusively in the fertile black soils of the Heilong Jiang, China.

Product Benefits
Melilea Organic Soya Drink is rich in plant protein, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Due to the unique manufacturing process and the premium quality of the soya beans used, the goodness and nutritional value of the soya beans are retained without any additives or preservatives. Melilea Organic Soya Drink powder yields a smooth and natural taste. Your whole family will definitely love it!

  • Made from non-GMO whole organic soy beans
  • De-hulled for truly delicious taste
  • Contain plant-based lean protein and it is cholesterol free
  • The nutritional value of the soy beans is retained without any additives or preservatives

Suitable for all age groups:
Suitable for infants with digestive problems or allergy to cow’s milk.
Growing children
Provides nutrients for growing children to enhance their memory and help in healthy physical development and growth.
Pregnant mothers
Provides sufficient nutrients especially protein and calcium for the mother-to-be and fetus.
Developing adolescents
Supplies necessary nutrients for the period of development, meanwhile helps them to control cholesterol level in body.
Gives required energy for the elderly and improves their health. 

Direction for Consumption
Mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of soybean powder with 250 ml warm or cool water and mix evenly. 
You may also mix 2 scoops Melilea Organic Soya Drink powder with 1 scoop of our best selling product, Melilea Greenfield Organic for a ultimate natural health drink.

Price: RM15.90
5.10 USD
Mom's Precious Cooler Bag
The Mom's Precious Cooler Bag (Sling/Back pack convertible) is used to store, cool and transport breast milk. Can also be turned into a handy mummy bag during short trips out with baby! This bag also offers additional room to hold breast pump (will fit the Medela Swing, Medela Harmony, Mini Electric, Medela Manual, Avent Isis manual pump, Avent Isis Uno and Playtex Manual Breastpump). This is a reasonably discreet way to carry all your expressing equipment.
BONUS FEATURE: 4 ways to carry this bag - hand carry, sling, backpack or hook it up to your stroller or diaper bag!
We recommend that you purchase the following package for great savings: Mom's Precious Cooler bag set at RM125.00 (Retail price: RM142.00) (Consists of 1 cooler bag, 6 Mom's Precious Storage Bottles, 2 Bottle caps, 3 reusable ice packs)
Price: RM75.00
24.04 USD

Mom's Precious Cooler Bag Set
This cooler bag set includes:
  • 1 Cooler bag (convertible sling/back pack) worth RM 75.00
  • 6 Mom's Precious Storage Bottles & 2 Bottle Caps that also double up as a feeding cup (worth RM 39.00)
  • 3 Mom's Precious Reusable Ice pack with 3 pouch cover (worth RM 38.00)
Set is worth RM 152.00. SAVE up to15% when you buy this set. Truly a value buy!!
List Price: RM152.00
Price: RM125.00
40.07 USD
Mom's Precious Reusable Ice Packs (3 pcs)
Mom's Precious Reusable Ice Packs are specially designed to keep your precious breast milk chilled at an ideal temperature for longer periods! This precious lil' helper is unlike any other standard ice packs. Be rest assured that this gel pack has been designed and tested to suit the purpose of breast milk storage.
List Price: RM38.00
Price: RM34.20
10.96 USD

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